Empower Filipinos Thru Consumers Welfare

    Gawad Pinoy Consumers Welfare Advocacy Council is an organization devoted to empower Filipino products through cooperativism.

    We aim to create businesses which belong to the people who use them, providing valuable services and save consumers money. Since the primary goal of cooperatives is to meet needs, not generate profits, we can serve our members at low cost.

    We often provide services to the communities that are not readily available from for-profit businesses. In other cases, cooperatives enhance the level of competition in the marketplace by providing consumers with an alternative source of products and services. Members control the business and provide capital for a strong and efficient operation. And, members receive all net savings left after money is set aside for operations and improvements. Consumer cooperatives provide most important products.

    Services to the members include continuous enhancement of knowledge about improving their livelihood and teaching them the latest technology in the market. The Core Members and Officers are experienced in trading, marketing, advertising, production, sales and other talents that needed to impart to members. We are dedicated to improve the lives of the Filipinos, it is our heart and our advocacy.